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FOM Invest - Investment management
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FOM Invest is the expert of BRAWO GROUP and FOM Real Estate for real estate and renewable energy. Our core competencies lie in product development, investment management, fund management and asset management of real estate and renewable energy plants.

Following a successful collaboration at project level since 2021, FOM Real Estate and Volksbank BRAWO sealed a partnership in March 2023 for the joint development of FOM Invest's business activities.

The core of the corporate strategy is a manage-to-ESG approach for real estate, in which existing buildings and additions are transformed to be fully ESG-compliant. In the area of renewable energies, we are focussing in particular on solar parks and onshore wind projects. There is a considerable need for investment in both areas, which can only be realised with private capital.

FOM Invest is a fully licensed AIF investment management company (KVG). In addition to investment opportunities via individual mandates or club deals, FOM Invest also structures pool funds in accordance with German investment law (KAGB).

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KVG licence for real estate and renewable energies

Real estate

FOM Invest stands for the transformation of real estate. We pursue a value-add and manage-to-core approach. Our focus is on the ESG-oriented revitalisation of existing buildings and the densification of neighbourhoods, always with the aim of setting new standards. From conception to implementation - our project developments are based on the latest standards and reflect our vision for a sustainable real estate future. We focus on all major asset classes. Our team's track record of over 25 billion euros in assets under management speaks for itself. Shape an ESG-compliant real estate environment with us.

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Renewable energies


The future begins today - when onshore wind and solar projects not only harness the power of nature, but also turn passionate visions into reality. The immense growth potential of this asset class, also beyond Germany's borders, fits perfectly into the strategic development of FOM Invest as an investment manager. Our team has proven its expertise with over 40 global projects and an investment volume of over 500 million euros. Join us in shaping a greener, brighter future.

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We are certain that bundling all specialist disciplines at the level of the KVG itself is a success factor for our products. We are a full-service investment manager for alternative investment funds (AIF) with a high degree of vertical integration. Our unique selling point is our access to a broad range of project development expertise: both that of FOM Real Estate with a project volume of more than EUR 4 billion in 26 years of company history and that of the BRAWO GROUP with more than 180 project developers nationwide.

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Manage to ESG always in view

Welcome to the world of active fund management, where sustainability is not a side issue, but the core of our strategy. We ensure that ESG criteria are actively managed in every investment decision, from the initial concept to ongoing management over the entire life cycle. We ensure that the investments are economically viable in the long term, have a balanced risk/reward profile and at the same time make a sustainable contribution to improving the environment, social coexistence and social responsibility.

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ESG-compliant investments in photovoltaic, wind power, battery, biomass and hydrogen projects

FOM Invest has had a second shareholder since March 2023.

We will also be on site at the property fair this year.